The Benefits of Plant-Based Skincare

Thinking of making the switch to a plant-based skincare routine? We support you - and we want to educate you on a few of the key benefits that can be derived from doing so. Check out this list of the top three benefits of plant-based skincare. 

Plant-Based Ingredients Are Better For Your Skin

First, when it comes to your skin, plant-based ingredients are simply better. That is because these ingredients are not only totally natural, but they are chock full of vitamins and nutrients that only serve to make your skin healthier. For example, in plant-based skincare, you’ll find everything from antioxidants (including vitamins A, E, C, and B3) to essential fatty acids. This is the polar opposite of the typical skincare products you’ll find in stores, where harmful chemicals run rampant, which can lead to irritation or skin damage. Natural, plant-based beauty products are often made without these harsh man-made chemicals, and without any animal by-products, which means they are far less risky, making you less likely to have any sort of reaction even if you have sensitive skin. Overall, if you’re looking to adopt some new skincare products, opt for plant-based ones that we can guarantee will be better for your skin. Plus, nowadays, there are a wide range of natural skincare products on the market, allowing you to target almost any skin concern. Believe it or not, there are plants out there that can help with hydrating, brightening, acne, eczema, redness, and more. 

Plant-Based Ingredients Are Better For Your Body

OK, so we’ve established that plant-based skincare is better for your skin, which is kind of the whole point of skincare. But what we didn’t touch on is that in addition to working wonders on the skin, vegan or plant-based beauty is also healthier for your body. Think of it like this - your skin is the biggest organ in your body. But because it’s on the surface of your body, it acts like a giant sponge. This means that whatever it comes into contact with, for example, cleansers, moisturizers, or toners, gets absorbed into the rest of your body. If these products contain harmful toxins and chemicals, the result is that these toxins and chemicals make their way into your body. What is particularly troubling is that conventional beauty products often contain hundreds of chemicals, many of which the effects aren’t fully known or researched. Thus, not only is plant-based skincare a smart move for your skin, it’s also a smart move for your body, as you’ll know exactly what’s being absorbed into your body via the skin. You don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals making their way into your bloodstream, nor do you need to worry about researching every ingredient to death because you’ll actually be able to understand the ingredients on the label. 

Plant-Based Ingredients Are Better for the Planet

The last benefit of plant-based skincare? It’s much better for the environment. This has probably been one of the biggest reasons that such a serious shift has occurred in the beauty industry in the last few years. People have been transitioning towards natural, plant-based skincare more than ever before, in part because we’re all starting to realize the toll that the production of conventional beauty products has on the environment. Unlike natural skincare products, conventional products are grown with pesticides and other chemicals that not only end up on the ingredients but also harm the soil in which they are grown. Next, the products go through the manufacturing process, where more chemicals are added, often in the form of potentially harmful preservatives, not to mention the fact that these big companies often have no regard for the amount of water they’re using (and wasting) during the production process. Even worse, studies have shown that the ingredients used in personal care products like hair care, skincare, and makeup, end up in bodies of water, such as rivers and streams and have been linked to abnormalities in aquatic animals, such as fish. 

Ultimately, there are a number of benefits of switching to plant-based skincare, but in our opinions the most pressing of these are that plant-based ingredients are better for your overall health and the health of the planet.