Blue Tansy

Blue tansy has quickly grown to be one of the trendiest natural ingredients in skincare. But what is it really? We get to the bottom of that and more in this ingredient profile on the yellow (yes, yellow) flower. Keep reading to learn all there is to know, from the skincare benefits to the safety, about blue tansy!


As alluded to above, although the name conjures up images of dainty blue petals, blue tansy is in fact a plant with yellow flowers. It is native to the Meditteranean, but these days it is mostly cultivated in Morocco. The plant has thin leaves and a stem covered in what looks like white fur. When distilled into an oil or extract, it gives off a sweet, herbal fragrance, which has led to the nickname “Moroccan chamomile.” And although the flowers themselves aren’t blue, most skincare products that contain blue tansy have a blue tint.

Why is the case?

When the stems of the plant are steam distilled, a chemical reaction occurs that actually creates a blue colour (typically somewhere between indigo and cerulean). The exact hue is dependent on which stage in the growing season the plant was plucked.  


Now that you know where blue tansy is grown and how it got its name, let’s delve into the most important thing: the benefits it can offer your skin. First, as part of the chamomile family, blue tansy is a powerful anti-inflammatory (meaning it has some serious calming properties). It gets these properties from two main chemical compounds it contains: sabinene and camphor.

Whether you suffer from irritated skin on the regular, in the form of eczema or psoriasis, or you recently suffered a burn or another form of skin damage, blue tansy oil can help soothe your skin, reducing redness, irritation, and inflammation along the way.

Further, like many oils, blue tansy oil is extremely hydrating when applied topically. That is why it is a favourite facial oil, especially in the wintertime. In line with this, it is recommended that blue tansy oil be applied in the evenings, as in addition to the skincare benefits, it also has some bonus aromatherapy benefits. The earthy and slightly sweet scent of blue tansy is believed to have the ability to shift your mood, helping you to relax and alleviating stress, tension, and anxiety.


blue tansy benefits


Blue tansy is generally considered safe for topical use in skincare (such as through a facial oil or face mask). However, be sure that you do not accidentally buy blue tansy essential oil, as the concentration is too high for topical use in this instance. Owing to its calming properties, blue tansy oil is especially useful for people with sensitive skin. It is gentle on the skin and has the ability to fight everything from skin irritation caused by acne to an itchy scalp. 

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