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Perfect all season moisturiser

I have been using this for over a year and usually have dry skin that gets super dehydrated in winter. Since using the Dope range - cleanser, serum and moisturiser - I have noticed my skin is definitely less dry, and I have also noticed my forehead lines have reduced. I don't have to change my products or routine for winter. This moisturiser is light enough that I can use sunscreen on top.

Great skin care product

Hydrating antioxidant body lotion is so gentle to the skin and super hydrating. I also love this natural smell of it. Again the ingredients are amazing! Love it doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Loving this cream

I love the fact that it does contain only natural ingredients.
And when you use it at night, my skin feels so much softer in the next morning.

Really Good :)

Gentle and hydrating. Doesn't strip the skin.

Great serum!

This serum is lightweigh and uncented which makes it easier to use. I just need a pump or two of the product and it goes a long way. Once absorbed by the skin, it leaves the skin super smooth and looks brighter! My skin did not have any bad reaction about this product and been using it for my morning routine for the past two weeks!

Botanical Serum

Absolutely in love with the Serum. It’s super light on the skin and a little bit spreads a long way evenly over my face. Leaves my face feeling slightly firmer and has closed my pours! Have been using it every morning and night and the results are noticeable. Obsessed!


By far my favourite cleanser ever used. It's left my combination skin hydrated, smooth and not at all oily. I'm very impressed!

Beautiful thick moisturiser

Such a lovely thick cream which sits quite nicely on the face, doesn’t leave behind greasy residue. I use at night to give my skin a chance to really absorb this without any other product and I wake up each morning with such beautiful soft skin and no breakouts!

Game Changing!

This Antioxidant Coco Clay Mask is an absolute game changer! It's so gentle I can use it on my sensitive skin. I love the texture and colour, leaving my skin feeling so soft and smooth.

Obsessed with this!

I'm so impressed with this body lotion! I love that it doesn't have a strong smell and a little goes a long. I'm blown away by the ingredients, no nasties and oh so natural 😍 Thanks again Dope Skin Co xo

It arrived!

My order arrived 19 days after ordering (to Canada), and I've been using the product for the last 5 days, morning and night.
My first thoughts were that I really liked the smell and that I didn't need very much product to feel satisfied. A pea size is really all you need. That makes me believe that the bottle won't be empty in a month.
Once my face was dry after the first washing, I expected the usual tight feeling that every company ever says won't happen, and it didn't happen. It didn't happen! I still wait for the tight feeling 5 days later, and I still haven't had it.
I also have very sensitive skin (woman of 35 - 2 kids - always struggled with acne), so I was apprehensive about changing cleanser. The previous one (BROCCOSPA™ PURIFYING FACIAL CLEANSING GEL & MAKEUP REMOVER) worked well enough. It's Canadian, and it complimented my lotion from the same company, but it left my feeling quite tight after washings. It looks like my skin adjusted well to the change.
I think my skin is a little more even already. I have a lot of dark spots/scars, and some cleansers seem to make those more noticable, but so far, this cleanser hasn't done that.
I'm very satisfied with this product. I intend on continuing to use it.

We're so glad to hear you're loving the product so far ❤️ Re. the shipping times, yes Covid has affected the shipping times and costs unfortunately, we are looking at setting up US fulfillment at the moment which should speed things up for customers in Canada and US :)

Awesome hydration

Very hydrating body lotion, my thirsty skin drunk it all up. This is definitely one of my favorites, wish it came with a pump for easier distribution.


Since trying out the Dope antioxidant gel cleanser I have immediately seen results in my skin.
I struggle with very sensitive skin and seem to react to almost everything yet this gel cleanser is so gentle on and leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed. I absolutely love it.


I’ll be honest since trying out the Dope antioxidant botanical moisturiser I am actually obsessed!
My skin has never felt so soft and been so clear! Not to mention I love how it leaves my skin smelling amazing all day. It is now permanently a part of my daily skincare routine.

Perfect for Oily Skin

Obsessed with this serum because it doesn't clog my pores. Having oily skin is hard to manage when most serums are oil based making it hard to reduce my acne. I've loved using this serum and would recommend to anyone with oily skin!


A handy design, smells amazing with its light fragrance and leaves my skin feeling moisturized for hours! My new go-to moisturizer for everyday wear :)

Beautifully light exfoliating texture.

There aren't many products that I can use without my skin freaking out but this Antioxidant Coco Clay Scrub has been wonderful and has become a fast favourite of mine.
I've been using this in the shower 2 to 3 times a week after my regular cleanse, it has a nice subtle scent and a beautifully light exfoliating texture that rinses off easily.
It leaves my skin feeling much smoother and healthier and is a product that I'll definitely be continuing to use.

A new favourite

I love this mask.
You don’t need to apply a lot of product and it’s not irritating at all.
I love that it doesn’t need to be left on for long.
My skin seemed to have a new glow after rinsing off and it was super smooth & even.

Purify + Nourish Kit
Chanelle Scott

I’m in love with this set! A 2 in 1 exfoliator and clay mask, the coco clay scrub will be your new best friend! Use it twice a week as an exfoliator or on self care Sunday! Just like the açai clay mask, you can use it on self care Sunday or when your skin needs that extra boost! To finish it all off, you can use the antioxidant moisturiser to leave your skin feeling plump and smooth!

Light and creamy!

Such a beautiful moisturiser, feels lightweight yet so creamy and lush on my skin. I use it paired with the beautiful Dope Skin botanical serum and am left feeling so hydrated after using it yet it’s not sticky or heavy. Lovely natural ingredients too! Will purchase again!

Antioxidant Botanical Facial Serum

Beautiful product - Absolutely glides on! The best serum I’ve ever used. It absorbs beautifully, isn’t sticky, is super hydrating yet feels lightweight. I adore the ingredients too. Five stars from me!

Best moisturiser evaaa!

The ingredients in these products are absolutely incredible. It makes my skin so hydrated and glowy and has cleared my skin up heaps! So good for sensitive skin I love this product

Lovely soothing serum

I've been enjoying this serum each morning as a part of my routine! I really like that it doesn't have a fragrance as my skin is usually irritated by this. It doesn't leave any stick residue and is absorbed quickly into my skin. The ingredients have been nice and calming on my skin and it layers well with other products in my routine and my makeup. One very happy bunny here!

Great skin care range

I found this Australian company on Afterpay add & after checking them out, ordered 2 items. I’m impressed! I use different brands hemp products, & I definitely will buy more from DopeSkin.
Smells nice, smooth & silky. Loving it.

Excellent cream

I use hemp creams & lotions everyday. I saw the add on Afterpay & being an Australian company, I thought I’d give them a go.
I’m really liking the texture, fragrance & feel of this moisturizer. Very handy tube, much better than a bottle. I will definitely buy more.