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Super sweet

Love this serum - my skin actually feels hydrated for the first time I can remember (after I've cleansed, it doesnt get that tight feeling nearly as much as it used to).
I love that I'm supporting a gorgeous, small and local Aussie company, and that I'm putting lots of good things on my skin.
I use it most mornings under my moisturiser - a little goes a long way!

Purify + Nourish Kit
Julia Palmer

really good quality products that smell amazing! no chemical/cheap smelling products at all. the scrub is good for my sensitive skin, doesnt stractch and leaves my skin so smooth. The mask and mositeriser have been great in returning mositer and clarity to my dry winter skin! thanks!

Antioxidant Botanicals Kit
Amanda McPherson
Gentle and easy

I am a ‘soap and water’ type of skincare user. These are beautiful products and so easy to maintain the simple routine. Love them 💕

The absolute best!!

I have sensitive skin that, as I’ve gotten older, has become both oily and dry especially after moving to a beachside suburb. My skin did not like the sea air!! And then there was the mask breakouts! I’ve tried everything. Even had a skin assessment done from a professional and used their recommended products. But still nothing. Then I tried this serum and the moisturiser. I’ve only been using it for a week and it’s already completely cleared up my mask breakout and I cannot see a sign of dry skin. Plus the very fine lines under my eyes that my foundation would always settle in to are now barely visible! I am currently recommending these products to every women I know. I will never use anything else again!!

The best moisturiser

My partner loves this, uses it everyday. Perfect for me too

You have me Dopeskin !!!!

I only have one thing to say WOW !

My bestie

Haven't found anything like it. Just loving it.💜💜


To say that this product is a keeper would be an understatement the smell, the feeling and how smooth my skin feels afterwards. I will definitely be ordering this cleanser again and again.


Really loving my products, my skin is a lot clearer/softer and hydrated! With seasonal change my skin can become quite dry and irritated in areas, these products have kept my skin looking and feeling great!


I’m really surprised at how quickly these products have worked on my skin! I have had an almost instant change to the texture and redness! I’m in love!


Absolutely love my new products! My face feels absolutely amazing. I can hands down say, i 100% recommend buying the antioxidants botanicals kit for anyone looking for a new face routine!


A really gentle cleanser. It gums up nicely when applying to my face. Doesn’t leave a film when washed off and has a nice scent that evaporates away quickly. Leaves my skin soft and not tight like some cleansers I’ve used. Just brought my 3rd bottle and I will continue to purchase in the future.

Perfect cleanser

Product is amazing leaves my skin soft and feeling fresh. The smell of this product is a added bonus to it! Definitely recommend

Beautiful Products

I'm really fussy with skin products. I've been using dopeskin for over 12 months now and I love it! Beautiful products and not too smelly. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean


The ANTIOXIDANT BOTANICAL FACIAL SERUM is the best I have ever used. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth straight away.


My skin feels amazing after I use the Exfoliating Face Scrub


The Antioxidant Botanicals kit is an absolute must have! I have tried so many different brands and types of skincare over the years, and at 24 I am still experiencing many breakouts and temperamental skin.
I thought I would give this kit a try after one of my friends raved about it! I have been using it for a good 3 months now and my skin is clearer than it has been since I can remember! I love using all of the one brand and bringing my skincare back to the basics! The only part I could fault personally is the smell of the moisturiser but that is just preferences! Such beautiful products that I would recommend to anyone, I’m so excited to try the new products too!!

The holy grail

Do yourself a favour and buy this. It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used and it smells absolutely divine. It doesn’t dry my skin out and is really gentle on the skin. I’ll never buy anything else.

Wow, very surprised

I am very picky with skincare and only looked to try something new as my usual face moisturiser (of a different brand) was discontinued. I re-read all the ingredients twice to make sure I wouldn't have any reactions as my skin breaks out very easily. Wow, I am so glad I tried Dope skincare. I was worried the cleanser would be drying but it isn't ! Somehow it cleans great and doesn't leave my skin tight and dry. The serum is perfect , and the moisturiser just tops it off. It keeps my skin from being dry but doesn't make me oily by lunchtime. After using for 1 week I have not had any new break outs either. Very happy!


This serum is an absolute game-changer. My face feels so youthful and hydrated. Any redness that was once on my face is now gone and I feel so much more confident.

10 out of 10

Absolutely love these products . My skin looks and feels incredible .My 12 year old daughter just started using these products too. So thankful I stumbled across Dope skin care.


I'm loving these products!! I have sensitive skin and have trouble finding skincare that doesn't upset my skin. I purchased the moisturiser, scrub and mask bundle, great value for money. Not highly scented, and a delight to use. Will be expanding my range!! 🙂

Absolutely amazing!!

I’m obsessed with this moisturiser, such beautiful packaging & leaves my skin feeling so fresh and hydrated.

Antioxidant kit

I have been using these products for 2 weeks and I can already see such an amazing change in my skin. I have used a lot of chemical free brands and this is by far the best. All the products compliment each other so well. Thank you Dope Skin

Purify + Nourish Kit
Rhiannon Passfield
Great product

Products are really lovely, would be perfect if the packaging was totally plastic free.