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Article: Allantoin


Allantoin is a chemical compound that’s found in plants, animals and humans. It occurs naturally in the body and has many uses. It can be used to treat skin problems such as sunburn, acne and psoriasis.

In this article we will explore all about allantoin including its chemical formula, uses for it and how much should be used.


What is it?

Allantoin is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in the roots, stems and leaves of plants. It's one of the most abundant compounds found in both the human body and plants.

Allantoin has been used for more than 50 years as an ingredient in skincare products to promote healing and reduce inflammation of the skin.

It's also been shown to improve dryness, scaliness and roughness due to its ability to penetrate into skin cells while maintaining moisture levels within your outer layer of skin (the epidermis).

Uses for it?

Allantoin has been widely used to treat dry or irritated skin. It is often used in skin moisturisers and other cosmetics.

Allantoin has also been found to have some medicinal benefits such as soothing irritated mucous membranes and promoting wound healing.

Does it have benefits for your skin?

Allantoin is a chemical that's naturally produced in the body and found in many plants. It can also be used as a cosmetic ingredient, found in creams and other skin care products to help moisturise your skin.

Allantoin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, so it may be able to help reduce redness and swelling after you get a cut or scratch on your skin. It may also help with acne by reducing inflammation that causes pimples.

Allantoin can be used as an exfoliant to remove dead cells from the surface of your face, which helps prevent wrinkles over time by keeping your skin healthy underneath these top layers of dead cells.

How much should be used?

For the best results, you should use a concentration of 1-2%. The amount you use will depend on how concentrated your product is and what type of skin you have. For sensitive skin, less is better and for normal to oily skin, more can be used.


Allantoin is a very simple compound that has many uses for your skin and other areas of your body. It can be found in many products such as acne treatments, moisturisers or cleansers. It's main function is to promote cell growth and repair damaged tissue through its anti-inflammatory properties .

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