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Article: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

If you’re all about using natural skincare ingredients like we are at Dope Skin Co., then you’re going to love learning all about sodium cocoyl isethionate. This ultra soft and gentle cleansing agent is one of the best in the beauty industry - and its derived from plants (coconuts to be specific) - what could be better? Keep reading to discover exactly what sodium cocoyl isethionate is and its benefits for your skin.


Add cleaning your skin to the long list of tasks that coconut oil can do! That’s because sodium cocoyl isethionate is actually derived from coconut oil, and its primary function is as a detergent.

In the case of skincare, when sodium cocoyl isethionate is added to a beauty product, it enhances its ability to clean your skin and hair. While the ingredient is still powerful enough to kickstart some awesome cleansing action, it is extremely mild at the same time. In fact it’s so mild, that it has gained the nickname “baby foam.” The ingredient has become even more popular lately as a replacement for other sodium salts derived from animals. Overall, owing to its cleansing and foaming properties, sodium cocoyl isethionate is most often found in shampoo,
body wash, facial cleanser, bath oil, bubble bath, shaving cream, exfoliant, and face masks.


Believe it or not, this coconut oil-derived superstar has a ton of benefits for your skin, which is why it is used in so many different products. Sodium cocoyl isethionate acts as a cleanser, emollient, conditioner, moisturizer, and foaming agent all in one. Now let’s dig into these superior capabilities. Essentially, due to all of these properties, the ingredient is able to help water mix with oil and dirt so that it can be rinsed away. Further, sodium cocoyl isethionate produces a rich and velvety foaming lather that enhances the texture of skincare products and
makes them easier and more pleasant to apply. In addition to lifting and removing dirt, it also a natural moisturizer, meaning it won’t dry out the skin but instead works to retain hydration. This helps prevent irritation, cracking, or peeling of the skin. Finally, when it comes to your hair, products with sodium cocoyl isethionate are able to prevent frizz, reduce tangling, and moisturize, condition, and soften the hair, leaving it smooth and silky.


Lucky for you, sodium cocoyl isethionate is considered safe to use when applied topically. The fact that it is plant-based and extremely mild means that it can even be used by people with sensitive skin or on babies. However, with all new ingredients, dermatologists recommend doing a patch test before graduating to more frequent use in order to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction.

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