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Article: How To Clear Pimples & Acne Once And For All! 5 Tips to Clear Pimples

How To Clear Pimples & Acne Once And For All! 5 Tips to Clear Pimples - Dope Skin Co

How To Clear Pimples & Acne Once And For All! 5 Tips to Clear Pimples

As if pimples aren't already bad enough on their own, they can also be followed by acne scars that leave a lasting impression. We will help you get your skin back looking natural and glowing again.

Let’s learn how to clear pimples and acne once and for all. And no, we’re not talking about potato home remedies. There are plenty of sites that'll offer you this lazy advice, but we want to give you the REAL DEAL.

Tip #1 - De-stress

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It's what you see when you look in the mirror, it's what you feel when you're resting in bed, and it's what's exposed to the elements every second of every day. It can also be a sensitive indicator of your emotional state—particularly when it comes to stress. When you're feeling anxious, your body releases a hormone called cortisol, which increases oil production and causes inflammation. Stress doesn't just make existing pimples worse; it can lead to more breakouts as well.

Tip #2 - Keep your hands off of your pimples

When you have a spot that needs attention, it's tempting to pick at it or pop it yourself—but resist! While popping does seem like a quick fix, the damage caused by touching and squeezing your pimples will likely lead to scarring and discoloration. Even if there isn't any visible damage yet, picking at your face can cause bacteria to spread from one blemish to another, ultimately making your skin worse overall. Further, touching and squeezing pimples can cause them to linger—they'll take longer than they need to heal and clear up.

Tip #3 - Follow a consistent skincare routine

You might think you're doing your skin a favour by skipping out on a skincare routine and letting your skin do its own thing. But by not following a clear skincare routine, you're actually hurting your skin. The first step is to establish a consistent skincare routine, which in turn helps the next two steps—pore clearing and acne prevention—work more effectively.

When selecting products for your skincare routine, be sure to choose items that are formulated for sensitive skin. You want to make sure whatever you put on your face isn't going to cause irritation or further damage, so always test out new products on a small patch of skin first. Then, use gentle cleansers and moisturisers to keep your skin in check without overstimulating it (just like when you work out at the gym, if you overdo it with your cleanser or exfoliator, you can end up with more problems than before).

There's no "one size fits all" solution for acne-prone skin, since everyone has different sensitivities and needs. But as long as you follow a consistent skincare routine, are mindful of what touches your face throughout the day, and get plenty of exercise and sleep, you can look forward to clearer a clearer complexion.

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3 Step clear skin kit

Here’s an example of what a simple 3 step Acne busting routine could look like.

Step 1. AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

Step 2. Antioxidant Moisturiser

Step 3. AHA / BHA Resurfacing Serum

We have kits for your full Acne skincare routine. Whether you're a time saver or a self-pamperer.

3 Step Clear Skin Kit - is a simplified system, developed to clear pores & remove dull skin, revealing a clearer, brighter complexion.  

6 Step Clear Skin Kit - has everything you need to clear pores, smooth skin texture & remove dull skin, revealing a clearer, smoother, brighter complexion. 

6 Step Clear Skin Kit

Tip #4 - Pay attention to what you put in your mouth

We all know that we should be eating more fruits and vegetables, but in reality our diets are packed with processed foods. The junk food you're eating is clogging your pores and causing breakouts.

The first step to clear skin is to cut out all processed food from your diet. This includes anything that comes in a package, including breads, chips, crackers and cookies. You don't have to do this overnight. Start by eliminating one thing at a time until you reach your goal of eating only whole foods.

Tip #5 - Get plenty of sleep

Sleep deprivation can increase acne by altering hormones that control oil production and inflammation — both of which affect skin health. While it's good to get at least 8 hours each night, studies show that getting closer to 10 hours may lead to clearer skin!

These tips will help you clear your skin and keep it healthy.

There you have it, folks. Our tips to clear acne and pimples will help you keep your skin healthy and pimple-free. Don't worry. You're not alone in suffering from this condition, and we're here to help clear it up once and for all.


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