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Article: Green Tea Benefits for Skin: How Green Tea Extract Helps Your Skin

Green Tea Benefits for Skin: How Green Tea Extract Helps Your Skin - Dope Skin Co

Green Tea Benefits for Skin: How Green Tea Extract Helps Your Skin

Benefits of Green Tea for skin - Green Tea Extract Benefits

Green tea extract has become extremely popular in the beauty world in recent years, and for good reason. From diminishing signs of aging to calming irritation, there isn’t much that green tea extract can’t do. This makes it yet another superstar ingredient that should be worked into your skincare regime ASAP. Before delving into the main benefits of green tea for skin, first let’s consider its history and what it actually is.

Green tea extract is sometimes referred to as camellia sinensis leaf extract (camellia sinensis being the name of the plant that green tea comes from). This plant is a small evergreen tree with white flowers and the extract is produced using both the plant and its dried leaves. (Fun fact: Several other types of tea, including oolong, black, and white, are also derived from the camellia sinensis plant. However, green tea is considered to be the least processed, and thus most beneficial among them.)

Now for a brief history lesson: For centuries, green tea extract has been used in skincare and even in traditional Eastern medicine to help with eczema and joint pain. In fact, in the 7th century, Japanses monks who visited China discovered the incredible health benefits of green tea and brought it back to their home country - needless to say, it quickly became a staple.

So whatever you’re doing, get a cup of green tea brewing and continue reading to learn about the many benefits green tea extract can have for your skin and why you should be working this super-plant into your skincare routine!

5 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

  1. Green Tea Extract Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Green tea has long been known for its anti-inflammatory skin benefits. Owing to its high content of catechins, green tea extract is able to soothe and calm the skin. In essence, if you’re looking to reduce redness, irritation, and swelling, especially after sun exposure, green tea extract works wonders.

  1. Green Tea Extract is Full of Vitamins B and E

We’re all about antioxidants here at Dope Skin Co., and lucky for you, green tea extract is chock full of them! Firstly, there’s vitamin B, which facilitates collagen production, keeping skin youthful and firm. Next, there’s vitamin E, which hydrates and nourishes the skin through cell regeneration. Lastly, green tea includes another unique antioxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. Research has shown that EGCG is an effective method of activating the production of skin cells and even rejuvenating dying skin cells. This process helps fight signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Green Tea Extract is a Powerful Antibacterial Agent

The polyphenols, or micronutrients, in green tea have major antibacterial properties. More specifically, polyphenols damage bacterial membranes to help combat infection. So if it’s bacterial growth that’s behind your acne, green tea might be the perfect solution.

  1. Green Tea Extract Reduces Puffiness

Thanks to the caffeine and tannins that green tea contains, green tea skincare products can actually help shrink blood vessels. The combined power of these two key ingredients has the result of reducing puffiness in your face, especially in the undereye area, while simultaneously brightening your complexion.

  1. Green Tea Extract Fights Oily Skin

Green tea’s tannins, which for all the non-scientists out there, are biomolecules that bind with amino acids in the body, act as a natural toner. They shrink pores and prevent them from getting clogged. Tannins also help regulate the skin’s production of oil, or sebum. Oily complexions are typically a result of your skin overproducing sebum, which can clog pores and cause breakouts. Green tea extract goes beyond simply removing excess oil on the surface of the skin, and instead targets the root cause by actually reducing oil production in skin cells. 

Ready to experience the wondrous properties of green tea extract for yourself? Shop Dope Skin Co's green tea-extract infused skincare today.

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