4 Environmental Benefits of Hemp

Natural skincare is one small way in which individuals can reduce their carbon footprint and be a little kinder to the planet. Although plant-based ingredients are generally better for the environment than synthetic or animal-based ingredients, not all plants are created equal.

We’re here to tell you that there’s a very specific reason we chose hemp to be the backbone of Dope Skin Co. The hemp plant, otherwise known as cannabis sativa, has some truly incredible benefits for the environment. From soil regeneration to pesticide reduction, check out the eco-friendly benefits of hemp and learn why hemp skin care might just save the planet!

1. Hemp Regenerates Soil

Unlike a lot of crops, growing hemp actually improves the soil it was planted in. This is because every single part of the hemp plant, from the stalks and seeds to the flowers and leaves, is packed full of nutrients. As the plant grows, its seeds, leaves, and more naturally fall off and land on the ground, where they decompose. During this process of decomposition, the nutrients of the plant enter the soil, leaving the soil more nutrient-rich and fertile than before, ready for the next crop to grow.

2. Hemp Cleans the Air

Hemp is essentially a superhero plant in that it has the ability to clean the air and possibly even reverse the effects of air pollution on the environment. As we all know, carbon emissions have had an extremely harmful impact on our planet.

Hemp can help right some of these wrongs by consuming CO2, reducing the amount that ends up in the air. It is believed that hemp plants consume four times as much carbon dioxide as trees, and that one hectare of hemp plants can remove 11 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere annually.

In addition, the life cycle of the hemp plant is much shorter than that of a tree (it is about 12 to 14 weeks), which means the crops can be grown, harvested, and rotated at a faster rate. The more hemp that grows, the more carbon that can be removed from the atmosphere.

3. Hemp Can Be Grown Without Pesticides

Hemp is unique in that it is naturally pesticide resistant. This means that farmers can grow hemp without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides of any kind. For those that don’t know, exposure to the chemicals in these substances has been known to pollute the air, waterways, and even human health, contributing to climate change.

4. Hemp is Water Efficient

At this point you’re probably wondering how much better can hemp get? Well it turns out there is one last environmental benefit that growing hemp offers. Hemp is an extremely water-efficient crop. This means that it only requires minimal water in order to grow. For example, to create a textile out of hemp requires two thirds less water than cotton. Just imagine how much water we could save if we started making the world’s t-shirts out of hemp instead of cotton.

Overall, by choosing a natural, plant-based ingredient like hemp over a synthetic compound or animal-based ingredient, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and living a greener, more sustainable life. Promoting the hemp industry by purchasing hemp-based skincare products is a win-win, as it helps the environment and results in smooth, hydrated skin.

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