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6-Step Clear Skin Kit

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This 6-step Clear Skin Kit is developed to clear pores, smooth skin texture & remove dull skin, revealing a clearer, smoother, brighter complexion.  

PH Balanced | Pregnancy Safe | Non-Toxic | Vegan | Cruelty-Free

Organic hemp skincare, made fresh in Australia from natural, cruelty-free & vegan friendly ingredients!

No Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehydes, Silicones, Sulfates, Mineral Oils or Synthetic Fragrance or Colours.


AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (125ml)
A gentle exfoliating gel cleanser, developed to clear pores, smooth skin texture & remove dull skin, revealing a clearer, brighter complexion. 

AHA / BHA Exfoliating Tonic (125ml)
Developed to deep clean pores and remove dull skin, revealling a smoother, brighter complexion.

AHA / BHA Resurfacing Serum (30ml)
This oil-free resurfacing serum, developed to smooth skin texture, unclog pores & remove dull skin revealing a more youthful radiant complexion.

Coco Clay Facial Scrub (70ml): A gentle exfoliating facial cleanser (which can double as a mask) to be used 3 - 4 times a week. The Coco Clay Scrub will help balance your skin's sebum production, brighten your complexion and leave you feeling fresh and toned.

Antioxidant Moisturiser (70ml): A deeply nourishing and hydrating moisturiser that softens, hydrates and comforts the skin.

Antioxidant Acai Clay Mask (70ml): A purifying Acai Clay Mask that won't dry you out! Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and botanical goodies which will leave your skin clear, hydrated and radiant. 


Specifically formulated to combat congested skin, acne prone skin. 


• A simple and affordable 6 step skincare routine to combat those pesky blackheads and help even skin tone.

• The AHA's exfoliate the upper layers of skin, removing dull skin to reveal newer and brighter skin. AHA's help to smooth your skins texture and can also stimulate collagen production.

• The BHA's slough away dead skin, removes excess oil and reduces whiteheads and blackheads.


Step 1: AHA/BHA Cleanser (AM/PM)

Step 2: AHA/BHA Tonic (PM)

Step 3: AHA/BHA Serum (PM)

Step 4: Antioxidant Moisturiser (AM/PM)

Step 5: Acai Clay Mask and Coco Clay Scrub can be used 2-3 times a week.


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Kandee Sheppard
Great serum

Soaks straight into the skin , rather than sitting on top and being oily! Going through menopause I have had irritable skin and this has definitely calmed it down!

The best!

I waited a month to post this review so I could see the real affect of this kit on my skin and give an honest review. I’m currently weaning off of breastfeeding and my hormones are going nuts which has resulted in me having adult acne’s for the first time in my life. Before this I would get maybe one or two pimple at that time of the month but that’s about it so I have been extremely down about my skin and have tried a few different products from other brands with no luck.

That is until I bought this kit! Wishing the first few days my skin calmed and my pigmentation and redness went away. Wishing the two weeks my congestion is almost all gone and my skin has never looked and felt smoother, so hydrated and healthy! I am so grateful for these products! Truly!

Thank you Dope Skin Co!

so soft!

my skin have gotten so soft after just a few uses! it smells amazing and i love how the products are natural ingredients!

Buy it now!!

This serum caught my eye while looking up ingredients on
The ingredients looked amazing - most of the top ingredients listed as superstars. It isn’t filled with a bunch of junk - just the stuff you need. I ordered from Canada and was excited to try it after struggling with clogged pores which other products just weren’t addressing well enough. I have to say, after going through several other serums over the last year, this is 100% a reorder for me.

Smooth skin

Glided on skin easily and was absorbed fast

6-Step Clear Skin Kit - Dope Skin Co
6-Step Clear Skin Kit Sale price$203.75 Regular price$239.70